Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3d renderings Tips: Virtual Garden

Today, Goldman 3D Renderings, will be sharing advices to create a fabulous space outdoors, defined by freshness and realism .
We will discuss ideas as if we had a virtual Garden. An imaginary space to demonstrate some design
technologies that can be used in the 3D interpretations.
While developing an architectural project, we know it is important to make sure the building looks natural. By this we mean its key to add to the project, enough landscape, in order to help the visualization appear real. The plants are a very valuable instrument since they offer life to paveds areas, fences, etc. Besides granting life, they decorate the space in a beautiful way.
Regards shaping plants, the creation is actually much easier than it seems.
Between the requirements to keep in mind, plants must be perceived well in every angle, and they must show sufficient detail while the camera is close as well as when is in a great distance.
The grass and leafy plants, are always a good option. They generate an ideal balance between the detail and the generic form. A good effect to simulate reality.They also create very good shadows.
Regards to trees, they represent a very special challenge due to the number of polygons that they contain.
Every single detail should be taken care off, to combine and to generate a magisterial interpretation!

Friday, August 20, 2010

3d renderings Tips: Arquitectural Photography

In this opportunity, Golman Renders 3D, recommends you something very simple: to analyze and to study the real life.
Study good architectural photography, in order to achieve a good result, while creating renderings. This willl not only give you a source of infinite inspiration for 3D interpretations, but also it will help you recognize lighting in a brilliant composition. You will learn the point of interest and the rules involved. Truth is, the principal goal of an architectural visualization, is to be able to visualize a building before it is even constructed.
Architectural visualisers are definitely effective and great virtual architectural photographers... still, we have an extra task: to create buildings apart from photographing them!

3d renderings Tips: Attention to detail

The main reason why some of the 3D interpretations do not seem realistic, is the attention payed to details. Goldman 3D Renderings will be sharing conclusions about it.
It is necessary to take plenty of time in details! It is basic to make sure, the 3D model is excellent. Then you must focus in the textures. Need to add details according to the elements. How often in the real world, do we see spotless concrete or wood grain? Pretty much Never. For that reason, we recommend, you pay attention to the materials and the elements of the scene, that they will be covering.
Patience and enough passion will definitey achieve the results you desire!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

3d Rendering Tips: Light importance

Today, Goldman Renders 3D wants to share tips and design ideas to keep in mind while creating a render, or for evaluation in order to identify any lacking details. Below, let's sense conclusions we bring over of the light.

The first decisions should be over the materials, they are focused in order to illuminate, those areas that due to location and the contrasts of light, can turn to be very dark. It is basic and a priority to exhibit and to recreate a vivid and harmonic environment. We must be focused in highlighting those spaces, taking into account the whole 3D model. If the image is taken during the day, it is key to decide the reflections and incidence of the solar beams. It would be positive to reinforce even certain angles in order to grant even major realism. It is necessary to to calibrate the light, in a useful and practical way.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3d renderings of Chalon House in Los Angeles,CA

Today we want to share with you 3D Renderings of Chalon House, located in the prestigious city of Los Angeles, CA
A fabulous forestation sublies in the scene represented. Shades of colors with magnificent lighting, create a totally harmonic composition. Land, grey and brick colors in beautiful tonalities standing out in both levels of the house. Palms, appear even in the entrance not to leave aside nature. It grants freshness and a harmonic environment. Floral arrangements, in the property perimeters, turn out to be an essential detail.

Goldman 3D has created 3D renderings to delight you with this magnificent construction. Every angle according to respective volumetries. The materials used and textures are ideal. Developing an Irresistible composition.
Wide large windows with reflections of the light appear in such way that it completely contributes to realism. A natural entrance surrounded with plants and flowers.
Time to flow with this fresh forest!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rendering of Multiple use Lounge, in Mexico D.F.

Today we want to delight you with a rendering created by Goldman 3D, located in the wonderful area of Azcapotzalco, D.F.
The textures and unique designs of the floor are achieved in a wonderful way. The light in this image 3d is definitely fabulous. The large windows, are represented according to their respective dimensions.
Set of Tables and wood chairs, possess a natural color and they prevail in the scene. They take the appropriate space, creating a harmonious environment. Fantastic lights on the ceiling to illuminate and in order to provide life to the environment. Part of a beautiful decoration, highlighting its virtues. A lounge of multiple use thats presented with great realism. A rendering that allows to notice the elegance and subtlety of the place. We invite you to visit "Azcapotzalco's Virtual Tour" to enjoy every angle.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Store Renderings on Sunset blvd, Hollywood

Elegance and sophistication are combined in these store renderings created by Goldman 3D. Located on the privileged Sunset blvd in Hollywood, CA.
Exquisite vertex and volumetries details. Beautiful decoration and reflected lights, with unique tonalities. Aluminium chairs and tables are outlined, granting elegance and glamour. We can perceive simplicity and usefulness in these renderings with great realism. A palm tree that sublies, together with a natural floor that possesses a range of magic colors.

The completions of wood and stone-cutters are ideal. Every angle is taken care off, bearing in mind all the square feets of the place. It definitely inspire us falling in love with these 3d images, when the sun goes down the night is around the corner and it is time to go for a walk and return to sunset blvd. Time to enjoy a relaxed and harmonic environment!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

House Renders: Residencial Maraluna, Cabo San Lucas

House Renderings: Residencial Maraluna, Cabo San Lucas

Today we want to share with you house renderings by Goldman 3D located in Residencial MaraLuna, in the distinguished city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Rendering the scene in a natural way, we can contemplate colors and total harmony. We take care of the complexity, different tones volumetrics, and textures such as those of the garage and even the car.

Plants that appear to be so real, beautiful greens. The renders have a huge visual impact regarding the construction and the particular style of the terrace. You can notice how the sunlight comes through and the light is perfectly taken care of in every angle.
We almost forgot to mention, we can perceive such a beautiful sky!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shorline Bank 3D Renderings in Washington

Bank 3D Renderings, Seattle, Washington

Shorline Bank 3D Renderings in Washington

A Shoreline Bank branch in Seattle, Washington is developing an addition to its current building. Photo-realistic digital 3d renderings were generated by Goldman Renders to bring the project to life before it is build.  

 Bank 3D Renderings zoom, Seattle, Washington

Be tuned with the latest trends in digital architectural 3d renderings. Subscribe for Free at: Official 3D Renderings Newsletter, by Goldman Renders

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Club House Renderings Texas

Renderings Melrose Place, College Station, Texas

Club House Renderings Texas

Melrose Place are unique student suites located strategically in different parts of the USA. The renderings presented are showing a new Office building and Club house built in College Station, Texas. 

Renderings Club House, College Station, Texas

Goldman Renders has developed this exterior 3d renderings in order to promote the project before it was built.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

3d Renderings of Medical Center in Cove Park Alabama

Renderings Medical Center, Cove Park, Alabama

The Cove Park Medical Center office building is under construction in the state of Alabama. In this realistic renderings we are able to appreciate a natural atmosphere in its surroundings with a very nice mountain landscaping. 

Renderings Medical Center, Cove Park, Alabama

The exterior 3d renderings were developed by Goldman Renders, the renowned 3d visualization company providing architectural renderings to individual architects, small business and corporates all around the USA, Mexico, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Realistic 3D Rendering Tips , by Goldman Renders

Realistic 3D Rendering Tips , by Goldman Renders

Ever thought why your digital 3d renderings do not look very real? Not sure how to make the jump from creating average 3d renderings to consistently creating stunningly photo-realistic renders? We want to show you in a few industry tips, important information that should surprise you by tuning your skills.

Creating a 3d architectural rendering takes a lot of technical ability. It can take years to become proficient in certain 3d modeling and rendering software. Creating a 3d rendering is a process of problem solving. You can see what elements does not look good and you should think of different solutions to make it look better. In order to make this changes in the renderings fast you have to know your software very well and be able to understand the cause and effect of changing certain software parameters.

It is also very important to mention that you could have all the available technical ability and still not be able to produce a great rendering. So what is it that makes your renderings different from the others? What makes some architectural renderings look amazing real while others just look standard?

Here's the answer...
It's yourself, the creative artist.
Your background and your eye for details. You can manage tech really well and be a tech wizard but you still need to be able to create a good composition. Its important  to be aware of the real world around us, why? Because this is exactly what we are trying emulate.

First and most important real 3D Rendering tip is studying life, simple as that.
The easy way you can create a photo-realistic 3d rendering is to study a real photograph! Or even better, study a real life scenario, situation in different spaces. Details are the key to success. The detail in the lighting, the textures, the 3d model shape and its structure. If you look at any great 3d architectural rendering you will be amazed at the detail in everything from the textures and materials to the lighting and background.

Second tip is studying well developed architectural photography and well done 3d renderings , that will help you understand what is a good composition and lighting. You will learn about the interesting elements to show and to which things do professional photographers focus. At the end of the day, the main purpose of an architectural visualization is to visualize a building before it is built! Architectural visualizers are after all virtual architectural photographers...except that we have to create the building as well as photographing them!

The third tip is attention to detail and spend time on the details! Its important to make sure our 3d modeling is fully developed. After this, the details to textures. How often in the real world do you see concrete or wood without natural marks or spots?! The answer is Never., right? Give attention to your materials.

Photorealistic 3D Renderings are not done over night but if you are very enthusiastic and passionate... you will achieve it. Keep tuned for future tips :) You may subscribe by email here: 3D Renderings Newsletter, by Goldman Renders

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Surprise your Client with Photorealistic 3D Renderings, Blossomwood School

Front rendering zoom, Blossomwood school

Architectural Visualization

Technology and developments achieved in the digital architectural visualization industry has helped many architectural firms move to the new level of growth. At Goldman Renders we experienced the growth of many architectural companies, developers and contractors in a very short period of time, after implementing computer digital renderings as allies to market their projects.
 Exterior Front rendering, Blossomwood school

 Front entrance rendering, Blossomwood school
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