Sunday, May 24, 2009

3D Printers transform Architectural Renderings in Real Mock-ups

Architects, Developers and Contractors. "Its Real". With nowadays technology we are just one click of Printing our most recent architectural project.

As we know, mock-ups and traditional handmade models are being updated by Architectual 3D Renderings, Photorealistic Images capable to show our projects with high level of realism.

At present, firms specialized in Architectural 3D Renderings like "Goldman 3D" give assistance to bring architectural projects to life by creating Virtual Tours and 3D Renderings. With 3D Renderings, our projects are able to fly around the Planet with out being built yet.

3D Printers place the Architectural 3D Renderings and Models right in our own hands. One Click and waiting a few minutes will be enough to get the Physical Model in our hands.  

Surprised? Watch the 3 minute Video.

Actually there are many Success Stories in how 3D Printing is improving the Design Process for many companies. The Zprinter 650, from Z Corporation gives more features in addition of printing 3D Physical Mock-ups. It incorporates colors, materials and other details to our projects. The 3D Printer is the Fastest Way to Create Physical Color Models from 3D Data. For more information contact us by e-mail.

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