Saturday, May 9, 2009

Architectural Rendering?

It seems to appear that nowadays speaking about Architectural Rendering is a common vocabulary between architects, contractors, developers, custom home builders and interior designers. At the present, 3D renderings have turned to be one of the most powerful selling tools for architects and contractors.

There is a wide variety of companies and people who specialize in the creation of Architectural 3D Renderings.

When its time to choose a 3D Rendering firm there are a few most important variables to take into consideration in order to get as a final result "Images with high level of realism", that will help to achieve our important goals such us:
  1. Selling faster our projects,
  2. Leading the projects faster,
  3. Comunicating our ideas with high level of realism and
  4. Get a faster approval from our customers and the city.
We recommend you to Get recent 3D Rendering samples with high level of realism that are being produced this days for architectural firms in the United States.

5 Important variables to take into account when choosing an Architectural 3D Rendering and Virtual Tour firm
  1. Fast Turnaround Time: it refers to the speed that a certain firm takes to develope the Final 3D Renderings.
  2. Photorealistic Quality: its the level of realism in which your project will be represented. Nowadays, a wide variety of companies and freelancers are creating 3D Renderings and most of them call their Renderings, Photorealistic. As we know, the truth is that many different levels of realism are achieved. Nextly, we want to show you a 3D Rendering with a "High Level of Realism".
  3. Price: its very important that the 3D Renderings come with a price according to their complexity, quality of the final result (Level of Realism in which your project will be represented) and amount of 3D views that will be produced for the project. As a general rule, while more 3D Views are created for the same project, the 3D Rendering costs will be reduced.
  4. Amount of Revisions included: they are the amount of revision times that the firm inlcudes in the price of the 3D Rendering. Usually, companies give "2 Revision Rounds" included with the price. After these rounds, additional changes may be subjected to extra charges.
  5. Service, Assistance and Availability during the Rendering Process: Its very important in every service to get assistance from a variety of communication channels like: e-mail, google talk, skype, msn and phone between others. When any need or questions arise, the ease of stablishing a fast communication with the project manager of the 3D Rendering firm is very important.

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