Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3d renderings of Chalon House in Los Angeles,CA

Today we want to share with you 3D Renderings of Chalon House, located in the prestigious city of Los Angeles, CA
A fabulous forestation sublies in the scene represented. Shades of colors with magnificent lighting, create a totally harmonic composition. Land, grey and brick colors in beautiful tonalities standing out in both levels of the house. Palms, appear even in the entrance not to leave aside nature. It grants freshness and a harmonic environment. Floral arrangements, in the property perimeters, turn out to be an essential detail.

Goldman 3D has created 3D renderings to delight you with this magnificent construction. Every angle according to respective volumetries. The materials used and textures are ideal. Developing an Irresistible composition.
Wide large windows with reflections of the light appear in such way that it completely contributes to realism. A natural entrance surrounded with plants and flowers.
Time to flow with this fresh forest!

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