Monday, August 9, 2010

Store Renderings on Sunset blvd, Hollywood

Elegance and sophistication are combined in these store renderings created by Goldman 3D. Located on the privileged Sunset blvd in Hollywood, CA.
Exquisite vertex and volumetries details. Beautiful decoration and reflected lights, with unique tonalities. Aluminium chairs and tables are outlined, granting elegance and glamour. We can perceive simplicity and usefulness in these renderings with great realism. A palm tree that sublies, together with a natural floor that possesses a range of magic colors.

The completions of wood and stone-cutters are ideal. Every angle is taken care off, bearing in mind all the square feets of the place. It definitely inspire us falling in love with these 3d images, when the sun goes down the night is around the corner and it is time to go for a walk and return to sunset blvd. Time to enjoy a relaxed and harmonic environment!

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