Sunday, August 15, 2010

3d Rendering Tips: Light importance

Today, Goldman Renders 3D wants to share tips and design ideas to keep in mind while creating a render, or for evaluation in order to identify any lacking details. Below, let's sense conclusions we bring over of the light.

The first decisions should be over the materials, they are focused in order to illuminate, those areas that due to location and the contrasts of light, can turn to be very dark. It is basic and a priority to exhibit and to recreate a vivid and harmonic environment. We must be focused in highlighting those spaces, taking into account the whole 3D model. If the image is taken during the day, it is key to decide the reflections and incidence of the solar beams. It would be positive to reinforce even certain angles in order to grant even major realism. It is necessary to to calibrate the light, in a useful and practical way.

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