Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3d renderings Tips: Virtual Garden

Today, Goldman 3D Renderings, will be sharing advices to create a fabulous space outdoors, defined by freshness and realism .
We will discuss ideas as if we had a virtual Garden. An imaginary space to demonstrate some design
technologies that can be used in the 3D interpretations.
While developing an architectural project, we know it is important to make sure the building looks natural. By this we mean its key to add to the project, enough landscape, in order to help the visualization appear real. The plants are a very valuable instrument since they offer life to paveds areas, fences, etc. Besides granting life, they decorate the space in a beautiful way.
Regards shaping plants, the creation is actually much easier than it seems.
Between the requirements to keep in mind, plants must be perceived well in every angle, and they must show sufficient detail while the camera is close as well as when is in a great distance.
The grass and leafy plants, are always a good option. They generate an ideal balance between the detail and the generic form. A good effect to simulate reality.They also create very good shadows.
Regards to trees, they represent a very special challenge due to the number of polygons that they contain.
Every single detail should be taken care off, to combine and to generate a magisterial interpretation!

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  1. I would love to see your work. Do you have an on-line portfolio?


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